Discover Your Bliss

Estimated Time: 3 Hours

Hello! Welcome to ‘Discover Your Bliss’
A program designed to re-awaken your core happiness!

3 sections with
3 videos, 3 audio lessons,
+ prompts, including a gorgeous step-by-step
playbook… … plus music bonus track!

Key take-away

“Using your unique superpowers for service
is bliss in action.”

Happiness is directly related to your spiritual values. Pain is a great gift because it’s so unique. It teaches you to develop boundaries, medicine tools, and sacred integration. Power comes from experiencing your soul remembering who you are and how you love to serve.

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1. Commit

… to being happy!

"Commitment to Being Happy"

"Currency of Faith"



2. Meditate

Where are you going?

“Where are you going?”

"Currency of Vision"

"Chakra Visualization"


3. Manifest

A whole new world

“The gateway into a whole new world”

"Currency of Integrity"


"Streaming Story"

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